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The instructions for abstract submission are specified below.
Abstracts should be prepared as a MS Word or RTF (Rich Text Format) document not longer than one page, written as specified below, and sent as an attachment via e-mail with the subject line: ATWIRES ABSTRACT, name of the presenter - consecutive number of the abstract (if more than 1 is submitted by the same presenter) to the e-mail address konfer.nano@uj.edu.pl.

In the mail message body please specify the preferred format of the presentation (just put the word oral or poster).

Each abstract must be sent as a separate message!

Please do not send duplicate submissions!

Specifications for abstract submission as the MS Word or RTF file are following:

• Use a Times (Times New Roman) 12 pts character set with one and a half line spacing.
• Type the title in Bold Letters, Using Both Upper and Lower Case, single spaced, centered.
• Then put an empty line.
• Specify the authors' names with initials, using both upper and lower case.
Type the presenting author name using bold characters.
• Use a new line for short affiliation(s) and addresses, typed in Italic.
• Again a blank line.
• Then put the abstract body. The text should be justified left and right. Indent first lines of paragraphs. Put numbers of the references (not more than 5) between square brackets. Remember please, that the total length of the abstract (including title, authors, affiliations, references, pictures) should not exceed one A4 page (margins 2.5cm).
• Use a new line for references. Each one should contain: reference number in square brackets, author(s) with initials, journal name, volume number, year in parentheses, followed by the number of the first page.
• Below the abstract body put a blank line and in the new line specify again the following information: consecutive abstract number (if more than one is submitted), preferred format of the presentation (word: oral or poster).